The topic of debate proposed for today in the EMERgenCeS program is entitled: „The effects of cultural diversity in a school on educational progress of the students”.

Through this topic of debate, we want to bring to the attention of the audience theimportance of multicultural education in schools in Romania, but also everywhere.

During the discussion, the advantages and disadvantages of a multicultural school will be debated, but also the importance of the existence of involvement and creation of official programs by the national authorities (in this case in Romania).

It should be noted that the existence of ethnic diversity and alleged laws does not always help to integrate and adapt refugee children and adults. Moreover, there are NGOs that do not collaborate transparently and easily.

By presenting some situations encountered in partner schools, the needs of refugee children will be highlighted, but also the importance of having a trained teaching staff. For this reason, the integration of refugee teachers in the multicultural educational process would be a first solution. Thus, by integrating them, it will be possible to solve more problems related to: emotional, economic and professional.
Globalization, migration are no longer just terms on paper or in reports, now they are realfacts. For this reason, creating a multicultural environment based on education is extremely important.